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Swim Lesson 2

Swim lessons from beginner to advanced. Pre-registration is required. Register on site beginning June 10th.

Lessons are included in season pass rates or with your daily admission rate.

Session 2 (July 17 – 27)
Dates: Mon – Thurs
Time: 10a-11a

Levels offered: 
Frogs & Tadpoles – Mommy & Me (6 months – 3 years) – This is an interactive class and we recommend that the child has at least the ability to hold his/her head up independently. The class will mimic much of the Flounder Station, but will be catered to the age group and adult/child relationship. There will be a strong emphasis on safety, water acclimation, and teaching through game/song and parent involvement.
Flounder Skills – Water Exploration – child must be able to leave parent. Child will become acclimated to the water through games. Child will learn basic safety skills in addition to water submersion and floating with support.
Jellyfish Skills – Primary Skills – child needs to be acclimated to water. Child will learn to be in the water unassisted on both front and back positions. Bobbing, floating, and kicking will be the main focus of this level. Safety and learning through games will still be incorporated into this level.
Octopus Skills – Stroke Readiness – child is comfortable floating unassisted on both front and back. Child can recover from float to standing position unassisted and be able to have a propulsive kick. Child will begin learning freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, treading water, and diving. Safety skills and games will also be incorporated into this level.
Clownfish Skills – Stroke Development – child must be able to swim novice freestyle and backstroke, be able to jump in and return to the side unassisted, tread water for 10 seconds, and know the basics of the breaststroke and butterfly kicks. Freestyle and backstroke skills will be refined. Endurance will be increased in all skills.
Seahorse Skills – Stroke Refinement – child is a strong swimmer in both freestyle and backstroke and has a novice understanding of both breaststroke and butterfly. Child can do somersaults in the water, tread for one minute, and dive from a kneeling position. Child will learn to swim 25 meters of each of the four competitive strokes legally, standing dive, flip turns and open turns. The goal of this level is for swimmers to be able to complete a 100 meter swim continuously.


July 18, 2017, 10am-11am